Friday, June 20, 2008

Water Theraphy

Many housewives complain about budget shortage due to sudden need of hospitalization,doctors consultation or medicine purchases of their family. Even common ailments will cost you a lot penny to cure it. These article will help you find practical remedies for common ailments
Water Therapy - is one of the most practical remedies for common ailments that is usually applied as first aid at home.Here are are some of its common usage:

Fever sponge bath - it is administer to person with fever. It helps lower body temperature and reduces fever.
Hot foot bath - it is a local immersion bath covering the feet, ankles and legs. It helps relieves head,chest and pelvic conditions by drawing blood from those areas to the legs and feet.
Hot sitz bath - this is a partial immersion bath covering the pelvic and the anal areas.It helps relieves pain especially after rectal operation.
Cold compress it is usually applied to area where there is bruises or edema to ease pain.
Heating compress- it is mild but prolonged application of moist heat for several hours in order to relax muscles.

hot foot bath

hot sit bath